Tips On How To Clean & Waterproof Ugg Boots

Wet Boots or Shoes: Perhaps the biggest enemy of genuine sheepskin ugg boots is water. If your ugg boots get wet they can shrink, stretch or discolour. The best way to avoid this is to apply a water repellent to the outer sheepskin surface of your ugg boots or ugg shoes. Make sure the spray water repellent you use is safe / recommended to use on sheepskin. If your ugg boots are not treated with water repellent and they get wet here’s what you should do as soon as possible. Remove as much of the water as you can using a dry towel or a dry sponge. Then stuff your ugg boots / shoes with socks or newspaper so that they fill out to their original shape. This will decrease the chance of shrinkage or wrinkling. The place your ugg boots in a cool dry space but NOT in direct sunlight as the sun can cause damp leather to wrinkle. Do not remove the “stuffing” until the boots / shoes are completely dry.

Dirt and Mud: If your ugg boots or ugg shoes get dirt or mud on them make sure you remove the mud / dirt as soon as possible. The key to removing mud or dirt from sheepskin is to be gentle. Hard rubbing or hard brushing will only serve to push the dirt into the sheepskin. If you cleaning off mud use a slightly damp towel or sponge and gently scrub the affected area making sure you keep rinsing the mud off the towel or sponge between scrubs. Yes it takes a bit of time and patience but hey, you shouldn’t have stepped in the mud in the first place. Once the mud is removed follow the procedure above for wet boots or shoes. If you are only removing dirt try using a brush to gently remove the dirt with repeated strokes. If there is any residue dirt follow use a slightly moist sponge or towel until clean then follow the wet boot / shoe procedure.

Remember, your sheepskin Ugg Boots or Ugg Shoes will be MUCH easier to keep clean and dry if you apply a good water repellent when they are new or at least clean and dry.