About Australian Ugg Original

Australian Ugg Original is a family owned and operated business based in Sydney Australia.

Established in 1999 we started with just 3 machines in the garage of our family home making an average of just 8 pairs of ugg boots per day and selling them on Ebay.

It wasn’t long before the demand for our ugg boots increased with orders coming from all over Australia and overseas.

By 2002 we had completely outgrown our garage so we invested in a factory unit in the Sydney suburb of Waterloo. We purchased new equipment and set about searching for experienced cobblers and boot makers which we in turn trained to create ugg boots and ugg shoes to the Australian Ugg Original standard.

By 2004 we were producing over 600 pairs of ugg boots per week and our staff had risen to 18. It was at this point we extended our factory premises, employed and trained more staff as well as extending the range and style of our ugg boots and shoes.

The factory “showroom” soon became inadequate to handle the local customers and tourists who came to buy from us direct so we made the decision to open a new factory outlet near the Sydney CBD at 85 William Street.

Today we are a company which employs over 30 people although we still have that “family business” attitude. We treat our customers, our staff and our suppliers with respect. We always strive to provide the absolute best product possible and we believe these are the qualities which have made our ugg boots the benchmark in the world ugg boot industry.

Today we export to over 90 countries and are one of a very few global footwear manufacturers who provide a 12 month guarantee on all our ugg boots and ugg shoes.

To be continued……………………..