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Genuine Australian Made Ugg Boots

Australia – USA – Europe – Asia – UK – NZ – Russia – South Africa – Middle East – Scandinavia

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Australian Ugg Boots

Ugg Boots

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Australian Ugg Boots are the most sought after ugg boots in the world. Why? Well for starters Australia is renowned for growing the best wool and sheepskin. Australian wool is preferred by leading fabric makers around the world because of its quality and texture.

At Australian Ugg Original the expert boot makers at our Sydney factory use the very best Australian sheepskin to make ugg boots, ugg shoes, slippers and hats with the finest Australian wool lining. Our products are of the highest quality and prized by hundreds of thousands of happy customers throughout Australia and the rest of the world for their good looks, durability and most of all their ability to keep feet warm and comfortable in cold weather. Our ugg boots are made to such a great standard that we are one of the very few footwear manufacturers in the world to offer a 12 month guarantee.